the crazy Seuss coop is officialy gone-pics of its replacement


9 Years
Apr 19, 2011
This is an 8 hr project. I kinda liked the crazy crooked Seuss coop, however it leaked, and I was having duck issues.
So I tore it down last weekend, built the new coop, and today finished the run.
It's not totally done. I need to make it pretty still and add windows and vents. and still need to fix the roost and add some thigns in the run to climb on. AND need to finish the duck area, till then they are still habitating with the chicks and being thrown out into the garden during the day.

So on to the pics



The solid side is a hinged door.

They have access to the roof, and I plan on putting a ladder up for them to go up if they want, though I'm sure right now Bella could fly up.

I haven't built a nest box yet...I'm debating on a couple options, add one built into the wall to the right of the pop door.
Just Stick a milk crate in side next to the roost.
Or, I have a cute medium size basket that I think would be a cute nest, which would go in the corner beside the roost.
I do plan on building a sand box, and already have the sand for it.
the netting is buried, and I laid paving bricks along the edges also.

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