The cross beak chick?


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Aug 4, 2008
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My silkies hatched several eggs about 5-6 weeks ago. Right after that I lost a hen and 7 of the babies to a fox. I have 1 remaining chick and until yesterday I hadn't noticed it has cross beak? I don't recall seeing this on it after it hatched.

Could something after the hatch have occurred so this would happen? Or is it 100% birth defect?

Long as she seems to be eating just fine on her own, I shouldn't have to worry about issues that may arise later?

Long as 'she' is a she and not a roo I will keep her for laying... otherwise he'll probably make a fine stock.


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Feb 24, 2009
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Well, alot of the time cross beak is a genetic thing....and it can start out OK, and gradually cross more and more. Now, it's not impossible for a chicken to have an accident with it's beak. I had a pullet was fine one day, and later in the afternoon, her beak was askew, then the next day she was fine, so I think she may have jarred it, but it went back into place.

You can still keep a cross beak chick as a pet! Just make sure it has a nice deep food dish so it can sort of scoop the food up instead of peck it. You can also kind of trim the beak so it works better for can do it very slightly so that it won't hurt.

Good luck to you and your little criss cross!



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May 2, 2009
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I have a crossbeak EE, got her that way as a chick. Since mine are cooped and the treats brought to them, she does ok. I wouldn't use her for breeding, but for my city flock of 4 she's ok here. As she gets older and her beak is larger it becomes more obvious.

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