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13 Years
Jun 11, 2009
I will be receiving my first ducklings around march 14th!!! I am so excited. I went to the feed store and picked up their food. Picked up a new water bowl for them.
I have their cage set up in the kitchen, have the heat lamp ready. just waiting!

my 2 little kids are just as excited!! i took the whole week off from work next week!!! I am so animal crazy.

Just thought i'd share with you all who well heck understand!!!

I will post pictures when they are settled in.
no way!!!! I ordered mine from metzers farm? we are getting some welsh harlequins. what about you?
I picked up 4 Mallards last week and ordered 10 more (Khaki campbells and Pekins) from Ideal, shipping 3/16. These little ones are so cute, I just had to order more. Congrats on your orders.
yup from Metzer's 8 female mixed ducklings and 2 straight run welshies
then I have another order due to ship on the 21st that is a pair of embden geese and 3 more female welshies!!!
awesome!!! what state are you in? I am in ct. after reading their shipping methods, looks like they coming from california. wow such a long day. (sigh). I just hope my 3 little babies make it safely.
i tried calling them, and no answer today. i hate not having like confirmation etc.
I am in Boise, ID. I am going crazy waiting lol. luckily I have something to keep me busy for the weekend lol We are visiting our family up in WA for the weekend.
I dont know how I am going to come up with names for them all lol! I plan on using the names Harley and Quinn (say them on a name thread here) for the first two welshies but beyond that I have no clue!
I don't recall if I received an email confirmation when they shipped or not. They are in CA, so they won't be answering the phone quite yet.
They will ship out on Monday and you should have them sometime on Wednesday, maybe even Tuesday.

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