The Egg Inside The Egg

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    So this is a funny story about my "Egg Inside The Egg".

    In November of 2014, I went outside at 6:00 A.M., like usual just fed the birds, and gave them fresh water before collecting the eggs.
    As I was walking around doing the chores in the coop, in the corner where the ducks always laid there was a very large egg.
    I dismissed this since I had gotten large duck eggs before.
    But when I went to pick this egg up I discovered this wasn't just a large egg, it was a GIANT DUCK EGG!!!!

    I immediately finished up my chores and ran back into the house, after showing the family we decided that we wouldn't crack the egg open until we showed some more of my family at my my birthday party in a week.

    That week we took the giant egg around to many places including church, and my mom's work. Everyone was surprised by the size of this egg.

    Finally my 13 birthday came. We got to the restaurant, and I brought the egg in my family was in awe over the egg the whole time.

    When we got home that night we finally decided to crack the egg open, and this is what we found...

    The Giant Egg compared to a chicken egg, and a normal duck egg. The normal duck egg is on the far left, chicken egg front and center, and the GIANT EGG is on the left.


    As you can tell when we cracked the egg we were astonished at what we found in the egg.
    In the outer egg was a yolk, and another egg!!![​IMG]
    Inside the inner egg was a double yolk, which is common but still!!

    So that's my story of my GIANT EGG.
    If you have any questions please ask them below[​IMG]

    I did eat the egg. It was very good.
    I also could've been on National news[​IMG]
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    Poor duck who laid it [​IMG]! That is pretty cool though!

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