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    I found my first egg saturday It was laid Friday. I had thought it was from one of my ISA Reds but Now I am convinced that a Barred Rock was responsible do to the color of the egg. The first egg was 37.3 grams and a really light shade of brown allmost a tan. Saturday my second egg was laid 37.1 grams identical to the first egg.. Sunday 2 eggs were in the nest one much darker than the other 3 eggs I assume came from the ISA Red this time.. SO now i have 1 barred rock and 1 isa red laying..
    The Chickens are 17 weeks of age. My wife, son, and i took bets on how many eggs we would find today as I have many chickens who may start to lay any day. I guess Two since that is how many there were yesterday. My son also guesses two. My Wife however guesses 4. Yesterday we had the same bet we all tried to guess how many eggs there would be.. I guessed 1 and so did my son since that was what we got the day before my wife guessed 2.. she was right yesterday..I hope she is right again or even better yet I hope we are all wrong and that there are 12-15 that would be great if many of the hens all decided that today is the day.....
    .I have 32 chickens the breeds and ages vary however.. I have most chickens at 17 weeks of age then i have 5 that are 15 weeks old and 8 that are 12 weeks old.. as for 17 week old chickens I have 5 Barred rocks, 8 Isa reds,2 araucanas,2 jersey giants, 2 Buff Orpingtons... 15 week chicks are 1 easteregger, 1light brahma, 1 RIR, 1 black astralorp, and a golden laced wyandotte bantam. the 12 week olds are 5 barred rocks, 2 Araucanas, and a Black Astralorp..
    Any Guesses on how many eggs I will get today? I assume only the Barred Rocks and the ISA Reds will be laying I assume that the Jersey Giants, Orpingtons, and Araucans will Start laying Much later than the BArred Rocks and the ISA Reds. WIth that being said There are 13 Chickens that are More that likely to start laying this week.. 2 of wich allready have started.. Dang This is exciteing Chickens are By far the best pets I have ever had.. I love them and the eggs.........,Jeremy
    [​IMG]I assume that the three Lighter shaded eggs are from a Barred Rock and that the Darker one is from and ISA RED.. the first egg from friday is top left second egg from Sat. is bottom left. the eggs from Sunday are on the right.. top right 40.5grams, bottom right 38.9grams, the top lef t37.3grams,and bottom left 37.1grams
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    Congrats on those first eggs, HHH, and [​IMG]!

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    Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us! [​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC!
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    good looking eggs you've got there [​IMG]
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    :welcome and good luck with your poultry adventure :frow! Grats on your find!
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    Jun 15, 2012
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    This past week we are doing the same guessing game. This is so much fun!
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    2 eggs yesterday.. So the son and I were right. Today I will guess 3 eggs. :) I also think one of the chickens is trying to sit on a golf ball. haha she made a nest in the nesting box this morning when i was watering and feeding them and seemed to be content just sitting there on the golf ball..

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