The eggs there "finally" here! Wait what? Chicken eggs?!


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
My 7 khaki campbell eegs finally came today, she sent one extra so I have so I have 7 I was only suppost to have six. But one was cracked! So still only six. But I think she sent two chicken eggs? And one of the.khaki eggs were bad so at the moment I only have 3 good khaki eggs, and two chicken eggs I think? I will post pics in a bit, can I try and hatch the chicken eggs with the duck eggs? Even though chickens take 21 days and ducks take 28 if anyone has done this before PLEASE!!!! Help me! I dont want to throw out the chicken eggs because they may not hatch! I want them to atleased have a small chance of survival thanks!

And pics will come.soon!
I'd say give it a shot. The chicken eggs will obviously hatch sooner but they'll hatch soon enough so you won't mess up the ducks' incubation. Let's see those eggs when you get a chance and figure out what's going on. They might just be small duck eggs....
I am hopeing they are maybe small duck eggs, thats what my sister said they are prob just small, maybe they are call duck eggs? They are white and look like leghorn chicken eggs. I told my mom that if they are chickens and they do hatch she can have them, im not in to chickens that much and my mom wants them I think it would be a nice present though dont you think? Lol they will be put in the bator soon I sure hope they hatch though!
Aww that would be a really nice gift for your mom
Or a nice surprise duck breed for you LoL
Here are the pics

Eggs one duck egg (these first five are all of them candled)

Egg two the other duck egg lol.

Egg three a the last duck egg.

Egg 4 chicken egg?

Egg 5 chicken egg?

I will put some more up of them not being candled in a bit.
Trying to load pics now, do they look fertile? The chicken eggs. I really want to hatch them for my mom, I feel like she could use a good present lol, I think they are leghorn eggs though, maybe not im not sure lol.
You are holding them wrong. The air cell should be in the big end of the egg which is how you should hold them when you do candle. I see the air cell on the pointy end of at least one of those eggs so they probably had a rough trip. You need to put them in a carton or turner in the incubator and leave them alone for a while so the air cells can *maybe* reattach.
Well, I just put them in the bator. Hoping they will hatch.
and sotty, I didnt know how to hold them, I didnt know there was a speicial way. Im just going to leave them alone for a few days. Im hopeing they are fertile

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