The fiesty little duckling


7 Years
Mar 28, 2013
I had such a laugh yesterday I have to share. We let all 14 ducks out yesterday for their first free range adventure, for the most part they all stuck together and LOVED the grass, some even found a few worms. We also have a little yorkie well we were all outside yesterday afternoon and my yorkie likes to sniff the duckies and chase them around playing. Well our one smallest little runt mallard would keep sneak attacking our dog, it was hilarious she (we're gonna call her she) would come up from behind and peck my dogs butt then they would play chasing each other. My dog isn't much bigger than the mallard ducklings that are 4 weeks old. My Perkins that are 5 weeks are bigger than him and they don't pay any attention to him at all but my little runt was a spit fire with him. Now getting all 14 back in their coop for the night was something to see, me trying to herd them they would get to the step and not want to go in. Then I had to try to catch them whew.
Got your exercise for the afternoon, eh?

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