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    Mar 23, 2013
    Hi, I have just received 4 chooks from a rescue centre (not sure of the breed but they are your average orangey/brown chicken). I put them into their coop yesterday evening when I got them with food and water and straw in the nesting boxes.I have a few questions......
    1) How long should I leave them in there before I let them out into their run? It is dark in there as there are no windows and no way of letting in light without opening the door to the run.
    2)Are you supposed to keep them together initially so that they become friendly with each other or so that they are familiar with the coop?
    3) How long before I should let them free range in the (secure) garden?

    Thanks in advance for your help.......I'm sure there will be more questions to come!!! x

  2. Sounds like they are your only birds? A day or two in the new coop situation, light would be helpful just so you can show them where the feed and water is. If they are the only birds then a few days is all you need. Doesn't take long for them to get established.

    Sure, keep them together. If a pecking order has to be established between the birds it would be good to let that take place while they are grouped. Good to see others rescuing birds.. Good going. Have fun... Steve
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    If the coop and run are attached and there is no way they can leave the run, I'd let them out into the run now. Especially with no light in the coop. When I move mine, or get new ones, they stay in their coop/run for a week or so to get established. It's a good idea to keep them together so they can sort out their pecking order.

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