The frustrations of job applications!

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    This is a thread for all you unemployed to vent!

    I have been job searching for my husband, like many of you, who have dealt with months and years even of the job search. It drives me crazy how much we have to apply and we get no response, or the people listing jobs are just out to confuse you or frustrate you more. I thought we could all join here to complain, since we don't get to yell at the employers or tell them how we feel without risking losing the position altogether.

    Here's an example of current frustrations just from this morning:

    Personality Assessments quizzes!?
    Given, I know for some positions this can be very helpful, you want people to fit into an enviroment provided by the employer. However, how do you tell the moron employer that after spending nearly an hour of your time on this stupid assessment online there were grammar errors everywhere. In fact, one question that burns me up is they gave me a word that was mispelled, or not even a real word and wanted you to identify another word as being related to that word by only guessing the first letter of the word?

    Then questions like this:

    It is good for management to take a risk on a new policy? Agree, agree slightly, neutral, disagree, disagree strongly

    HELLO... you don't question management! Do what ever the heck you want... you're the boss, I just get paid to be here!

    I spent 2 1/2 hours on a website uploading everything they ask for, taking there quizzes, and tests and background info... ect ect. All for a $9 an hour job. Then I get a reply that says "your information has been added to our database, if you meet any job requirements that become available in the future someone in HR will contact you for further information." How many people are in this 'data base', why don't you interview one of them and get rid of this pointless job listing.

    And my last complaint of the day:

    People who leave a phone number to call for a job, and the 'inbox' is full less then an hour after the job posted. GET A BIGGER INBOX or GET EMAIL!!!! With 10% unemployment, did you think it would take a week to get any possible calls?

    Ok... those are my vents for today... what are yours?
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