The Goslings -Image Heavy-


9 Years
Apr 17, 2010
Only about 16 more hours left until my trio of goslings arrive from Metzer Farms. I am incredibly excited. I wanted to make sure my brooder clears the BYC Goose patrol’s inspection. So here it is, sorry for the horrible pictures.



They are in a large open dog crate ($15 at a yard sale) with paper bags around the sides with a hanging feeder and a medium water bowl/supply (I have a larger one to replace it as they grow), and a 120 W red bulb getting to about 97-100 F.

Is this ok BYC Goose Masters?

They Arrived!!!



I could not resist taking them outside for a few minutes. We are bonding they come to "Gooooseeee, come on goose." about 1/2 the time.



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Is the waterer deep enough for their nostrils? I have a lone gosling and I use a heavy glass for his water because the group waterer was too shallow. I don't know what you could use instead that they couldn't climb in, though, if it's not deep enough.
before my gosling arrived i had one of the plastic chick waterers in the brooder because i read it could be used for a week or two but when my gosling got out of her shipping box i realized their is no way she could submerge her bill into it

i would just use the larger bowl you have right from the start
How old will the be? Day-old? I'd be careful with the shavings, too.
I will be making diapers tonight and tomorrow, does anyone have a pattern for them? And thats a great idea, I will add some wood blocks on a rope.
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I don't have a pattern - sorry. I just wanted to say I'm expecting my Roman Tufted pair and Tufted Buff babies tomorrow from Metzer Farms, too. Looking forward to the four new little faces. Hope everyone arrives okay on your end and this end. I'd love to post pics...can't find the cable for my camera/computer connection. Lost during a sporting event - I think.

Good Luck with the diapers, too!
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