The Honeymoon is over

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by SJUDD, Aug 9, 2013.

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    I am hoping this is a normal feeling and that some of you can help me not feel as guilty. I started out two years ago with four ducks. They were my zen... I would have a bad day, come home from work and sit outside and just watch them play in the yard. Sometimes they would come up to me and take treats from my hand and one even would hop up and sit on my lap. Over the last two years, between Mama Cass hiding nests on me and people dumping birds at my house, I got up to 22 ducks. I was so overwhelmed with that amount that instead of being fun and relaxing, it became work. I found homes for all but 10 of them and was happy with the result. Mama Cass was my favorite... she was a tiny little Mallard and was just the sweetest little thing. Well, she hid a nest on me again and, as a result of her refusing to go into their house at night, she was taken by a racoon, as well as 6 of the 10 eggs she was sitting on. I had tried putting hardwire cloth around where her nest was but apparently I missed somewhere and now my baby is gone. The ducks that I have left are not as friendly and they pretty much are just out there, hanging out. I still love to hear them "talk" to each other and the eggs are just wonderful for baking (which I love to do) but I just am not feeling the joy that I felt for over a year with them. They are very well "trained" and they have lots of room and a full sized bathtub as well as a kiddie pool to swim in. They have fresh food and water every day and I clean their area once a week. It just is not as satisfying for me anymore. I don't want to get rid of them... I love them... I just would like to feel the way I used to about them. I guess I just don't feel bonded with them anymore?? I Figured as long as they are being cared for properly, it really isn't that big of a deal... however I do miss the joy I felt when I was out with them before. Has anyone else been through this? Is it normal?
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    I actually know how you feel. When I had my first batch they went all teenager on me and didn't want to be as close but if I just sat near them sometimes. The one closest to me would come and visit me, but they were all murdered and I found a sick duck and adopted her a mate. Then last week a got five new babies, but sadly they havent imprinted like the first four did. I am not gonna give up though! And you shouldn't either
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    When I first got my ducklings, it was new and exciting experience to me. Now that they have grown up and I have been taking care of them every day, it became a normal experience. It isn't as exciting as it was in the beginning because it has been a normal, everyday thing.
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    Duck-Depression shall we call it? Give it time! Maybe adopt a couple baby ducklings and handle them often and bond with them and the sensation may come back. And it may stay if one of them imprints on you! I don't have any ducks at this time (hoping to get mine before the holiday season), but I have a dog who imprinted on me and I feel that sensation every day with her. Give it time! If you can't adopt more, try playing/bonding with your current ducks and see where it leads! You sound like a good loving parent to these ducks, take advantage of your talent! :)
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    IMO, you are looking for love in all the wrong places. EVERYONE (especially we women) luvs babies of all kinds. Ducklings/chicks/puppies/kittens, etc etc. They grow up...they move out ( or not). Sounds like you are a 'mother hen' that doesn't have any kids anymore at home. I am going through something similar....except with my 'human' kids/grandkids. They have their own lives and do their own thing. When my 'need' first started at @ 55 y/o (menopause hmmmm?), I wanted a puppy, then a kitten, then another one...and another one....and an older one to 'rescue'. Now that I have the room, I got 5 chickens raised from April chicks and 2 ducklings and 5 dogs. And our kids make fun of us because they think we care more about the 'animals' than them.
    I think Dr. Laura needs to chime in. LOL.

    It keeps me going every day.
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    SJUDD: I understand. This is my first year with chickens (30)/ducks (5) and I had 1 chicken named Gladys who quickly became my favorite. She sat on my lap, would run over to see me, fly onto my arm. While I love watching my chickens, after Gladys was taken by a predator (still don't know what), I just don't feel the same about the rest of my flock. I still enjoy them enough, but it is sad not to have Gladys so happy to see me. Everyone else just does their own thing, I am the food lady. Sigh. I am hoping next year to find another chicken buddy and hopefully a couple ducks that will actually be friendly so I can feel that way again. Good luck SJUDD, don't give up!
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    I can honestly say that it isn't because they aren't babies anymore. I love their adult personalities. I think it just got overwhelming with the numbers I had and then losing Mama Cass the way I did. I actually gave one of my favorites away this weekend... my girlfriend had 3 mallard females and wanted a male so I gave him to her. I am left with 1 Cayuga hen, 6 Cayuga/Mallard crosses and these two that were dumped on me that I have no clue what they are. I think I am going to find homes for those two and maybe one of the Cayuga crosses and maybe once they are down to a more manageable number, I might be happy again. Thank you for your help, everyone. Nice to know I am not alone :)

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