The making of a new color for... wait for it... Ameraucanas!!!


Mottled Rosecomb Heaven
9 Years
Jul 27, 2010
So, I'm taking on a new project... I love Ameraucanas ear muffs and beards... And I also love the buff coloring... And I love lacing!!! So, I have decided to take on a challenge. Breeding buff laced Ameraucanas! Any ideas on what birds to start with?
Oooh, how pretty. I have no advice to offer but I will be watching this thread for sure.
Yeah probably polish since they come in the buff laced color, have slate legs & beards

Crests are pretty easy to breed out,
Those will be incredibly pretty! I love color projects... :3 I was actually just thinking about trying for Jubliee / Milliecanas, but buff laced sound cuter. Haha. Standard or bantam?
Buff Laced Polish are a good start, but truly good ones with good lacing are hard to find. Make sure to get some that have good lacing, have FULL sized beard/muffs, and have good weight! You want to keep the muffs/beard and slate legs of the Polish while gaining the advantage of its white eggs not ruining the blue, and its body being slightly similar to the Ameraucana, yet at the same time try and veer away from getting the thin, small, or fragile bodies of many of the Polish out there.

Good luck, it would be a neat project, and Polish are the best idea to introduce into there.

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