The Man with No Face ~ A Slenderman story PLEASE READ!!!

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I would!
I suppose that is my cue to begin the prologue.


"Master Slender," a man in a mask asked, "when shall we leave? No one visits these woods anymore."
"I am aware of thissss..." A shadowed figure replied. His voice was like none anyone had heard - somewhere between gurgling and growling and hissing. "Now sssshut up sssso no one notices us..."
"Are there any children nearby, Master?"
The tall, enshadowed figure rose to full stature. He was incredibly skinny, over 7 feet tall, his limbs awkwardly unhuman. Within a few moments, it was noticable that instead of arms, he had eight tentacles in place. He did not reply for a moment. "I cannot sssssensssse any within a 10 mile radiussss..."
"See what I mean -- " What followed was choking, as if something was squeezing the speaker's throat. He coughed through choking, sputtering helplessly. "M-Master...!!!"
The shadowed man was still standing where he was, although if you looked for a moment you could see his tentacle outstretched. "My sensessss are as ssssharp as ever... Do not quessstion me..."
"Release... me... p-please!!!"
His tentacle dropped, the speaker falling to his knees and coughing.
The shadowed figure walked forward, extending a tentacle as a stabilization hand to the speaker. He was considerably larger than the speaker, although both were inhumanely tall and skinny. The speaker took it, standing back up. "Thank you, Master Slender."
The shadow nodded twice, saying nothing.
However, if you looked closer, the shadow's head looked like a human, however having a horrifying feature, that feature claiming his inhumanity.
His head was entirely white, and he had no face at all.

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