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7 Years
May 19, 2012
We are new to chicken hatching but have some beautiful baby chicks which hatched on Wednesday. They are Orpingtons. We were wondering what they can eat now apart from the chick crumb.

Also they look like they are trying out scratching about and wondered when they could go outside - I don't mean all of the time, maybe for 5 - 10 mins and then back in under their heat lamp?! (wouldn't they go out if they were with their mum??) or should we just wait for a few weeks. Its a warm day today and just wanted to know just in case...

Many thanks :)
I kept my chicks inside for a couple weeks, but if you have other chickens I would start introducing them to the chicks. I don't no where you live but there might be an agriculture type store near you, go there and ask for chick starter. Good luck!!
Hope this helps:)
Thanks, we have no other chickens, these are our first babies :))

Just thought that as it is a nice sunny day they might enjoy a few minutes of sunshine. They are all fluffed up and very active.

Can they have any treats yet or should we just feed chick crumb until they are older?
I have heard no other food than the crumbles when little.
Just like a new baby on formula i would think their little tummies could become upset by a variety so young.
To be safe I would get the medicated crumbles .It wards off some bad chicken diease that is very catching to baby chicks.
If it was 85-90 out guess it wouldnt hurt but they may be able to catch something from other chickens or wild birds.
HoweverI wouldnt take them if it was like 65 though and they can get snatched by a hawk so tiny or even a snake ..I think i/d wait a week or 2 But thats me. Iam pretty new here too
when they are a week or 2 old you can offer things like boiled eggs smashed , chopped strawberries, watermelon, but if they don't have access to dirt some suggest giving them grit for chickens you can find it at the feed store. I have heard people giving boiled peas but I haven't tried that yet. I have given yogurt over fresh strawberries and they love that but be ready for a mess they will get it all over them self and anything around them.

They love meal worms too.

I always dig a little dirt from outside and give them a small pan to take dirt baths in its really fun to watch.

I am in Texas its been really hot here during the day so I would only offer heat at night if I didn't have a Momma with them.

It really depends where you are and how cool it gets.
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