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Dec 12, 2013
I went to a friends yesterday and I knew she got chickens this spring. I didn’t notice them when I first drove in cuz this was my first time at her place. When I got in the house we were talking in the kitchen and I happened to look out the window and made a comment…oh there your chickens are. I watched them a little bit and said what’s the matter with your chicken? She looked out and at the same time we both said that’s a hawk. As you can see her cage was not made very well. Two were missing. One was dead. The chickens in there were not freaked out at all. Unbelievable! We thought the hawk was injured the way he was moving in there. We got the cage moved enough to get the hawk on the outside and went back inside to wait for her FIL. I don’t know if they can pretend injury but he must have taken off cuz he was gone. One chicken came back and they caught it.

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Glad you were there to give your friend a hand DMC. What a picture!


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Dec 10, 2012
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I hate when chickens are killed. I’m glad it didn’t kill anymore.
Years ago I had Red jungle fowl , a rooster and two hens . I had them trained to do tricks . when I was cracking hickory nuts they would come up and beg so I taught them to take nuts out of my hand , Then jump and take a nuts out of my mouth . My son was small then but he came running in and said the red tail hawks were flying off with the last one . It was my fault I had them in a kennel with no protection overhead .


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May 7, 2017
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Move here, then it will be 4 AM which is still ridiculously early but better than 2!!

Looks like quite the haul, sorry about the frost. I have a giant volunteer butternut in the compost bins with 6 squash. Not sure if they will get ripe by first frost (which amazingly has not yet happened) but a couple are mostly tan now, the rest still a fair amount of green. My Farmer's Market friend warned me to pick them before frost. Don't know just how "not green" they have to be. I guess any that aren't ripe will go to the chickens.

I WOULD guess Purple Haze but if I was right I'd have to take a rooster so I'm not guessing!
Darn, I already had the box addressed! (Wrong answer though.)

Yikes, that's not the way to start your day! Hope it's fixed quickly!
All good now. Hubby didn't need a repairman, after all.

BTW, the song is 🎵SMOKE ON THE WATER by Deep Purple...I can't stand it. I guess I heard it too often. Too many high school football games. The band even played it at my grandson's high-school games in the 2000s.
Unfortunately, everytime I think about it, it sticks in my head.
I hope it isn't catching. I don't want to do that to y'all. 😁
The visit with our little boys was nice. It cheered the MIL up a little. She isn't eating well, and hates getting out of bed. She isn't eligible for home health, at this time. Her mind seems fine now, but she is still a fall risk.


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Apr 5, 2015
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Good morning everyone, hope you all have a good Sunday!
Good morning Debby, you also. What are you up to today?🙂
I’m going to town sometime this morning to clean my sister’s house. She’s always had a clean house but with her health issues she can’t do much.😞
I’m watching the dentists kids Monday and Tuesday again. An employee in the toddler room at daycare tested positive for Covid so they are shut down. The kids I’m watching tested negative.
I got 21 bags of squash froze yesterday. I’m going to freeze another batch on Wednesday. I wanted to pressure cook some but I only have large mouth jars and no lids and can’t get them.

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