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A chicken will always remember the egg
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Mar 31, 2011
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Thanks you! We gutted the basement bathroom many years ago and never had the time to refinish it. It has been a catch all over the years. We are not doing a ceiling in it as there’s too many water pipes in there. The rest of the basement doesn’t have them either except the 2 bedrooms.
The people (previous owners) that built our house did a very poor job. That was back in 1979. They mudded the walls and didn’t sand alot of it. Everything we do is a battle here so I dread any project. The house has shifted so much that there is a gap along the North walls on the basement floors. :thRant over...I should be grateful I have a roof over my head and the ability to fix what’s wrong:D

That’s exactly it! We are by no means professionals.:lol:
It does sound like a lot of work!


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Aug 20, 2015
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good morning this fine Monday
:frow Good morning Cheepteach, have a great day
I did have fun, but these are rabbits I bred a while back. Plan to get new pictures. Yep, had a good time at the swap.
Called in for appointment, nurse supposed to get back to me. Sigh.
:frowGood morning Cappy, have a great day... Hope you get your appointment
Good morning everyone!

Cap, those bunnies are SO adorable! Can't wait to see your new ones. I hope you feel better soon!

I think the thermometer is broken this morning ... 🥶
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:frowGood morning Riv, have a great day
Good morning, everyone.
:frowGood morning Sour, have a great day
It does sound like a lot of work!
:frow Good morning Ron, have a great day


Apr 5, 2015
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:frow Good Morning DMC, have a great day

I ended up putting in a suspended ceiling in my old basement bath... they've got some really cool tile designs these days.
Hi Bob...may have to look into that, thanks :D
Good morning DMC!

Do you get a break from the bathroom work to go to the day care today? (I'm not sure which job is a break from the other.)
Hi Debby! Yes, I cleaned my one house I kept this morning and now I’m at daycare. We just got the kids down.
Good morning DMC 🙂 have a great Monday
Hi Sue, you also!
It does sound like a lot of work!
It will hopefully be worth it in the end :lol:

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