The NFC B-Day Chat Thread


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Mar 31, 2011
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Good morning too!

Today I am baking way too many desserts 3 different pies...everyone has their favorites and I just had to find something new to make, lol...we really don't need all of it for as few as will be here. My daughter & her husband decided that they will stay home this year, as a provider he is testing people for Covid every day & several people at his clinic are sick with it right now...thankfully not severally I'll, which is how it is for most people, not all but most. My youngest son & his family will be with DIL's family. So only 5 of us! Such a crazy year, but we have so many things to be thankful for, despite all of it!
How is your prep going?
I will be baking two pies and starting overnight cinnamon rolls today.

I found out today that our HR manager at work lost both of her parents to covid this year. Her Father in July and Mom last month.

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