The NFC B-Day Chat Thread


Crossing the Road
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Jul 2, 2019
Smith County TN
Hey Sue, it was memorable at least. The neighbors invited us over for lamb. I didn't mind the meat, but everything was cold and or undercooked or overcooked. My friend is an engineer, I guess cooking is not her strong point. But it was nice to visit.
Hi, Cappy πŸ™‚ sorry the food wasn't the best, but at least you didn't have to cook or clean up 🀷 Hope the rest of your day was good 😊

It was good, how about yours?
Yes, it was 😊 we went to our son's house and it was very nice. The plus is we had time with the grandkids and Katrina was great until the end. Rob tickled her and she screamed and that gave me a headache 😞. She was into dancing and Bob did a lovely job of twirling her around because that's what she wanted πŸ˜‚.


May 12, 2010
scottdale pa & defuniak springs fl
Good morning folks :frow

:frow Hi there Mark... One drive is not on your computer, it's in the cloud

:frow Good morning Sour, have a great day... Boy you're up early....
Good morning everyone πŸ™‚ have a great Saturday

Good morning Sour 😊 have a great Saturday !
morning rj and sue :frow :frow
aren't we the early birds this morning
have a great day

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