The Official VOTE FOR ANNE Thread! [UPDATED February 12th]

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February 12th 2010:

Hey y'all!

Well, the final results are in... and unfortunately I was NOT selected as one of the finalists for E.L.F. cosmetics. HOWEVER, thanks to all the exposure from your voting (you guys kept me in the top 10 the entire time!) I have been selected as a "Feature Model" in a new casting for Savvy Magazine!

I can't even express how blown away I am with all the help & support I received. It is absolutely amazing that so many of you took the time & effort to help out a total stranger. You are such kind, special people -- I am so proud and so lucky to be among you! And although I did not win this time, your voting helped someone to see and consider me for a different casting! No giving up for this girl, I just gotta keep at it until I succeed.

Thank you all - so very, very much!




I've been a member of all the various BYC forum incarnations since I was 17 years old -- I am 25 now. I feel kind of bad about this -- I've never asked anything of my fellow BYC members before, hopefully this sort of solicitation isn't against the rules! Anyway, here goes my shameless plug:

I would LOVE it if you guys could vote for me and help me win a cosmetics modeling contract!!! Here's the link:

If anyone sees fit to help me out... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


NEWS Oct. 29th:

After being urged to do so by numerous BYC members, I finally created a video slideshow of some of my modeling images! You can view it on YouTube:

Anne Cushing - Modeling Picutres

EDIT Oct. 30th: I'm getting the hang of this! I made another short video just for my friends at BYC:

2008 APA National Show


December 8th: Thank you all SO MUCH for your continued help and support! You guys are absolutely the greatest!!! Unfortunately, a couple things have happened that have hampered our efforts. One is that the voting site now requires people to register before they vote, which is kind of a bummer. Makes it a lot more difficult for people. If you guys are willing to register to vote, that is AWESOME! If it's too much trouble, I totally understand.

Also, a couple people have notified me that we've had a rogue poster and the thread was briefly locked for cleaning.

Regardless, I am THRILLED about how far I've gotten with you guys' help, I am really touched by y'all's dedication and support. Thank you all SO MUCH!!!!


Q: How long does the contest go for?
A: It ends December 31st, so it's kind of a long haul! If I am selected as a semi-finalist, I will then be shipped off to an exotic location (just kidding!) for a photoshoot. Then the semi-finalists will be pitted against each other in a final round of voting.

Q: If we get you up to 1st place by the time the contest ends, do you automatically win?
A: Unfortunately, no. But being in one of the top slots sure does increase my visibility with the judges!

Q: Can I vote multiple times?
A: You can vote once each day from each IP address.
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