The only hen I have that ever goes Broody is showing signs of......

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    Nov 11, 2008
    going broody..
    I noticed that she has been on the same nest every time I gather eggs for the last 3 days, so I gave her a few more. I think she is serious.
    It was 0 degrees this week for most of the week. I dont know if she stands a chance or not, she wouddnt have to be gone long from the nest to ruin the while hatch. But she is a good momma and has hatched just about every egg she has attempted. So Im watching.
    Does anyone think I should put a heating pad under her? I think at least that Im gonna put a better pad under her tomorrow. She has galvonized metal nest with hay in it. but I feel a nice pillow would be nice or am I trying to humanize her.
    I try hard to keep from trying to force my animals to be human. I think its so silly to see folks try to give their animals human feelings and needs.
    I hope if ever Im captured and put into a pen no one tries to force me to be a dog or cat or chicken or mouse or hampster or fish or snake y ikes ................
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    Might be too cold at present... unless you put a insulating pad of some kind under her.

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