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Apr 1, 2015
So I would like to take a minute to just vent about a little issue that seems to be a constant in my life. The folks that came forth and multiplied and supplied me with a husband that I love dearly. Them? Well...anyway...

Since we decided to get into chickens...or caught the chicken bug...we have had a few comments from the inlaws that were less than supportive. I know you guys will understand exactly why these comments rubbed me the wrong way. We spent hours, days, pouring over information and making decisions on what breeds we were going to get, how many and what we wanted our coop to look like. We bought our fuzzy little chicks. Six different breeds and 10 birds total. My darling daughter couldn't wait to show her 'granny'. Granny arrives, walks in and as I am reciting with great pride the six breeds she cuts me off and says "They're just chickens!". Now I know you all just gasped cause I did! Seriously, just chickens? No, no, no...these are carefully selected Buff Orpingtons, Araucana, Silver Laced Wyndottes, Gold Laced Wyndottes, Black Australorpes, Plymouth Barred Rocks. These are not "just chickens". At least not to me.

The second blow came when my husband called upon his dad to help him with some construction phase of the coop. He comes, he stands in the shade about 10 feet away and he keeps saying 'what does it matter? It's just a chicken coop!" Again, I gasp. Even as we come to near completion of our coop and it is looking pretty awesome for two people who have no previous building experience, he still has negative things to say. "To much money, to much time, the birds are going to (poop) all over it anyways...It's just a chicken coop!". It's not just a chicken coop. At least not to me. This has been an ongoing project that my family has worked on together. We have raised our 10 fluffy little chicks from day old to 5 week old feathered chicks. We have named them, fed them, loved them and worked tirelessly on their coop. These are not just flippin chickens and it's not just a flipping coop!

Thank you for listening. I know chickens aren't everyone's thing and believe me I am not asking them to like my chickens but it would be nice if they wouldn't steal our thunder. We are having a good time.
Keep having a good time and come here to share your chicks and coop build. You'll probably never hear anyone on BYC saying "it's just a chicken". A lot of people just aren't that into birds and don't understand the attraction.

Enjoy your flock, have fun sharing it with your kids and ignore the comments from the ones that don't get it.
Honey, my father-in-law once suggested that I should turn my rabbits loose and let people pay me to come here and shoot them. 5 very different breeds, pedigreed; some show winners; even a few Grand Champions . . . . Whether it is just ignorance, or deliberate provocation, the best thing to do is just ignore people like that.

I wish you and your family the best of luck with your adventures in chicken keeping. If they give you joy, that's what really matters; not whether your family understands.
Thanks y'all. Who knows if they'll expect free eggs. My mil has already made it known that she doesn't eat brown eggs. Oh well. I have distanced myself from these people for quite sometime now. It's just better for me and my mental health. No one wants to read my posts from prison

I'm not going to let them rain on my parade. We are having a good time with our chicks and hope to enjoy them for many years.

Let the rabbits out for people to shoot
When I got my goats as kids (fiber goats I may add), my uncles asked if we would be supplying everybody with mutton when they grew up

Some people just don't get it. Be proud and enjoy your flock!
Congrats on your new birds! I can't imagine how exciting it must have been getting 10 birds in one go... most I've ever gotten is 4. I have to admit I may be a tiny bit jealous.

It's a shame to hear about your in-laws. Perhaps over time they'll warm to the birds when they start producing some eggs? Or perhaps a little revenge a la 'The Little Red Hen' could be fun? (I kid, revenge would really be unnecessary!)

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