The place is on LOCKDOWN!!!

Discussion in 'Quail' started by James the Bald, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Jan 6, 2013
    So this evening when I get home, the kids and my wife are all excited to put the eggs into LOCKDOWN. The Mrs. has one last errand to run, so I tell her that when she gets back, we're candling the eggs. As I'm going through my head on what has to happen, I realize that I need a "small box" to place the quail eggs on for candling. Ironically, I find a small 4 piece Chicken McNuggets kids meal container and I trace a dime and cut out the small hole. It worked pretty good for last minute. When I first received the eggs, I let my son and daughter each pick out two eggs that will be "theirs". Each one wanted to pick a small light blue egg, and I wouldn't let them as I had a suspicion about that one different egg. For those who don't remember, the mailman had placed my shipment of eggs vertically into my mailbox, where they remained for almost 7 hours, so I'm really holding my breath for good signs. I have everyone thoroughly wash their hands, and my son picked up his first egg, and when we candled it, it was completely dark, so that's a good sign. One by one, we candled all 18 eggs, placing each one into the incubator. There was one that was all "sticky" and had the paper the egg was wrapped in stuck to it, and my daughter and I thought it was cracked, but it seemed to be fine. As it turns out, five were transluscent, including the little blue one.
    Everyone is really looking foreward to seeing little A&M's after services on sunday. Cranking up the Brooder Saturday afternoon.
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    Oct 11, 2012
    Fun and excitement for the whole family. Wishing good hatching vibes to you and your fam. Keep us posted!
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    Keep your camera handy, we all love baby pics!!

    Good luck James.

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