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    Here is where you can post your forms for The Portal

  2. Name: Dirk
    Gender: M
    Age: 16
    Crush/BF or GF: none (yet)
    Appearance: Stands at about 5’10”, has short red hair and freckles, keeps his body in good shape (works out), his right eye is green while his left is blue, is fairly handsome.

    Personality: Creative and smart, thoughtful, acts tough at times but can be much more sensative at others, has a good sense of humor, caring.

    History (optional):
    Mythical Pet: A Dragon named Jake

    Mythical Pet Appearance and Personality:
    Jake is kind, compassionate and has a good sense of humor, but can be very dangerous if provolked. He is also very protective of his companion, Dirk.
    God or Godess you are tied to: Zeus
    Other (optional): Let's just say, some girl someday is going to be VERY lucky. [​IMG]

    (I have a question, are the chosen humans able to see and interact with all of the mythical creatures or just the one(s) they're bonded to?)

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