The Romanian Tudy Fan Club thread.


Head of the Night Crew for WA State
14 Years
Jan 27, 2009
Okay so there is a contest on BYC. We are supposed to take a picture of ourselves with the BYC mascot Tudy. When the contest was mentioned on a different thread, all that was said is that you needed to take your picture with Tudy at the feed store. Since I was not aware that BYC mascot had a name, much less the name Tudy I was a bit confused at the time. I had also noted that some had posted about Facebook, so I started to checkout who Tudy might be on Facebook. This was the result of my search.

This guy is gorgeous. I may be old and married, but I am not dead yet.

So here is to fans of the beautiful Tudy.
I was thinking that we just needed him to emigrate to the US. It's a shame that he is a politician.
But I have a feeling that he isn't stupid, and there isn't anything more attractive than intelligence in a man.

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