The run is a pond


8 Years
Aug 7, 2011
Piedmont of NC
So, we've had 1 - 2 inches of rain in the last 8 hours, and
our run, which I have been happy with, up until today, is
a swimming pool, almost. Maybe I need ducks! So, my
question is, what do I do? Sand sounds so expensive. What
do ya think about going out in the woods and lifting the top
of the ground cover up and spreading it in the run?
If you have a pick-up truck, or can borrow one, sand is actually really cheap. In my area, it's about $15 a ton (check landscape/mulch/gravel companies). I'm sure if you buy it by the bag it'd be pricey.
When this happens to me a lot of time i just put a whole bunch of dirt down in the coop and every thing is fine I never thought of sand maybe itwould work if you can find it cheap!
If your run is a lake sand will not make it a beach. If the water is that deep sand won't help. You need to find a way to drain the lake. Somewhere is a low spot to work with. Drain the water first then worry about the sand.
Actually it usually drains well, it's just been
raining and raining it hasn't had a chance. Maybe
today it won't be swamped, but it will still be wet.
Thanks for all the suggestions!

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