The Shadow Pearl: RP Idea, Opinions Needed!

Should I/someone start this?

  • Yes! Let the epic dolphin adventure begin!

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  • Needs a little work/More info here

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  • Good idea, but there are too many Roleplays already. Maybe when there are less other RPs

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7 Years
Sep 22, 2012
I came up with this idea a while ago, but it's been forming in my head in a more complex way recently: A dolphin RP!!!
If anyone actually likes this, I might start it. But since I already have 2 fairly successful RPs, I MAY just give it away to anyone who seems interested.

In an Unnamed Ocean (Unnamed because a bunch of different dolphins will live there. Name will be decided on later :p) Pods, more like "gangs", of dolphins will be trying to invade the very center of the sea, a cave with the mysterious Shadow Pearl. The Shadow Pearl is a black pearl with the power to bestow powers upon anyone who is present when it shatters. Because of this, all of the dolphin groups will want to have it in order for everyone in the pod to get some of these fantastic powers.
Guarding the Shadow Pearl would be a group of Guardian Dolphins. They would have to keep the attacking pods away in order to keep peace in the ocean without any pod becoming magically capable of killing everyone else.
On top of this (I may remove this part if there is too much dolphin madness already!) "Neutral" pods would be allowed to live in the very outskirts of the sea.

Basiclly, it would be a huge war between the attacking pods, the guardians, the neutral pods, and the natural dolphins versus predators of the ocean food chain.

Anyone like it? Also, the only magic would be the Shadow Pearl. Everything else is just dolphins fighting with teeth (they are sharp) and flippers.

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