the story on the smallest zoo in ireland, told by the animals

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    May 10, 2011
    Welcome to the smallest Zoo in ireland, my name is angel, and i shall be telling you the story of my home
    well, my story begins at xmass, when i was brought home, i met my mommy and even though i wasnt a hand tame birdy, but 2 days with my mommy, and i was in love, and going everywhere with her,
    now mommy and daddy have like loads of animals, took me a while to meet them all, the one i dont like is kyser, the GosHawk, he looks at me like im dinner, scary
    mommy has loads of dogs, who i like to poop on, they dont like it, but i think its funny, , so i thought, with all these animals, i should come on, and do a story, about all of us, of course, you all know the 3 Ps, our new arrivals of fluffy ducklings, i like them, but they get to close sometimes, but mommy lets me sit right beside them and babysit them
    i loves them i do, and so does one of our feathery friends, squishy, she came to us 3 weeks ago, along with the duck eggs, and her and her whole family were normal chickens, roaming around, but something changed for squishy, she suddenly wanted to be with us up in the house, she spends the sunny days sitting on mommys belly, while i sit on her head
    you know, i wish mommy knew how to rotate pictures, coz they look silly sideways, oh well, anyway, where was i ... oh yes, squishy, well she now spends her days up with us, if the weathers good, shes outside, if its bad, she tries to come into the kitchen, i think its funny, so now im always hungry, i even tried the ducky food, not bad, a bit gooeyy, anyhooooo, im off to eat again, check in tommorrow, i think jack jack will be telling a story, hes a chinchilla and sooo soft

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