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    Apr 11, 2011
    My McMurray Cochin chicks will be 10 weeks old tomorrow, and I'm hoping I've singled out my roosters. Out of 15 chicks, I think I may have 2. Not bad considering I ordered 4 straight run chicks. So here are the 2 suspects:
    Both are very sweet birds, and are about the same size and body type. They were bought as blue (but McMurrays catalogue states you can get blue, black or splash). I'm guessing they'll probably be black- is there any chance they will get any blue in them? If they are both cockerals, I have my pick of them and I'm not sure who to keep. One of them has more defined points on its comb. Here's a couple of pics to compare:
    The first picture shows the cockeral with the more defined comb. And here's one more picture of the cockeral with the less defined comb with some of the pullets:
    He's on the left facing the camera. So what do y'all think- are these little guys roosters? And if you had your pick, who would you keep? Thanks!

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