The Switch


6 Years
Apr 1, 2013
So I understand feeding grower to chicks and layers to my hens. From what I understand you feed starter until the chicks begin to lay. I have 7, so when the first one lays change them all to layers or wait till most or all are laying befor the switch. Muy four cinnamon queens are awesome I love them, but the are going to the inlaws when my RIR get older. BIG question. Where can I fing a chart or something that gives breed breakdown and true breed and hybrid. By breed breakdown I mean this and this makes this.
There is actually grower from approx 6 weeks till layer as well.

I'm going to have this problem in a few weeks. Ill have 16 week olds with layers. I think I'm just going to feed them all grower and have shell grit for the layers. That or feed a half half mix to them all with shell grit on the side for the layers.

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