the temp in my brooder is 98, but...

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by bj taylor, Feb 3, 2012.

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    i think my babies will come mon or tues. the temp is 98 in the brooder but that is directly under the light & there is plenty of space to move away from it. there is plenty of ventilation (no draft). should that be ok? also, i'm wondering about the flooring stuff. should i use newspaper or paper towels or shavings, or cardboard (it is a rabbit hutch so it has wire floor & needs a solid surface for them - so i have to use something)? i've read where they will eat the shavings & that is bad for them. do i start using the shavings after they have gotten used to where the food is? thanks so much

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    Just make sure to watch their behavior, if they are crowding away from the light it is too hot. Can you try to raise the light a bit and lower the temp a few degrees?

    I"m not sure about the wire surface. i've always raised my chicks on wood shavings with paper towels on top for the first day or 2 (till they get used to eating their food). You could always lay down cardboard and put shavings on top.
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    I would put the cardboard down and then shavings on top. I also put some paper towels down on top of that for the first few days to make it easier for them to find their food. Everything else sounds great! Chicks are much tougher than people think so try not to worry and enjoy them!

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