The Three Smaller Chicks are Pecking the Bigger One - Now in the Eyes - What should I do?


7 Years
Oct 19, 2012
I am new to raising chicks and keeping chickens. Last week I got 2 production blacks and 2 Americaunas. There is one Americauna that is bigger/older than all the others. From the start, i noticed that the little ones would peck the big one. It seemed mostly a benign - social ordering and investigating thing at first - but it has taken a turn. It has become more frequent and now the little ones are pecking at the eyes of the - obviously hurting her. I dont think that they are at all crowded. What should I do?

- Drew in Austin
Can you add something to the run to keep them busy and distracted from hurting the big chicken like hang a cabbage for them to peck at? Have these chicks been together their whole life or was the big one added to the bunch separately? Maybe the others don't want to accept the big one if it's new to the flock? You might have to house them separately (but close together) so they can see each other but not hurt each other for a week or so and only put them together when you can supervise. Just trying to think of ideas as I don't personally have experience with this problem.
Good luck to you.

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