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    First winter for me with newly constructed coop and run design. I really had to pick my brain and read a lot of helpful articles and not so helpul ones to arrive at and achieve not only something that will last for eons, but is turning out to be a great hen house for our chickens based on where we live. Our temps here in Manistee Michigan dropped to below 15 degrees farenheit the other night and my inside coop temp managed to stay at 30 degrees farenheit. The inside water containers did not freeze and the chickens loss of feathers are starting to fill in from minor molting. Egg production is still delivering 7 to 10 eggs daily from 20 birds without light. I'm a happy camper!
    I think looking at your 4 seasonal environment plays a big part in how a person constructs their coop. The year round weather elements can and should be a major factor as to influence your design and materials used. Michigan can offer the best of summer and fall, while spring can play on you with heavy rain and winter can drop tons of snow and freezing temperatures.
    Although we welcome spring after a long winter, proper drainage and run off were important so as not to have a damp and wet coop floor and bedding, or a muddy run area. I incorporated gutters and put pea gravel around the foundation of the coop tapered away to run away from the sides and front. If you have a water barrel set up for watering using PVC and nipple waterers mosquitos can infest your water barrel during spring and summer. A large coffee filter helps.Apple cider vinegar helps keep down the bacteria also.
    Summer can get extremely hot so adequate ventilation for air to circulate and dual paned windows with self storing screens were added. I would have probally added a fan, but the coop run has lots of trees to shade it most of the day.
    Fall is the perfect season except for when the leaves start dropping and its time to clean the gutters and rake! The bugs are out in full force after summers hatch and so are your chickens! I got more eggs in the fall than any other season. Gotta love the fall.
    Winter is snowy beautiful but the wintery cold snaps below freezing can raise havoc with your birds. For this reason I added insulation to just the cieling on my coop and used a premium grade exterior plywood for outside walls. All the joints got a nice heavy bead of calking to seal any gaps or drafts. I properly wired and coded for a light and low voltage halogen flood lamp or heat bulbs if I feel it may be necessary to use them. In other words I am prepared for below 0 temps that might or might not bring harm to the chickens.
    Whatever you choose to do when building your coop and or run design, make sure you do your homework on BYC! Read, explore, and fascinate yourself with all the crazy ideas and workable ones that will be of use to you. Remember, its a chickens world and they make us breakfst! Sometimes lunch and dinner Too!

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