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    Our daughter's school is offering this to the parents, saying it is free.

    I do not see anything FREE about it but with me being hearing impaired, these programs will not work for me unless I hired an interpreter to interpret for me. There isn't a book yet.

    It sounds like a good program because in our daughter's school, there has been an increase numbers of defiant children. Our daughter is DX with ADD and will be going to PSY testing soon and hopefully we will rule everything medical out before going into behaviorial way.

    Have you gotten this? How did you like it?
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    Quote:I ordered it on the premise that if you take the survey after watching the videos they refund your money. I have had it for a couple of weeks but have only listened to two of the cd's. So far the tips they have suggested have been working, I am still working on ME and my reactions towards the horrible behavior we deal with at our house sometimes [​IMG]
    It is worth a try if you thought about ordering it anyway, why not if they are going to refund your money if you do? I figure I have nothing to lose, and they even let you talk to their counselors for the first month for a dollar, then it is more but if you have questions they are there to help.
    Not sure about the effectiveness for you because you do have to listen to the audio to get the information along with the workbook and summaries throughout the cd.

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