The Vocalisation Thing -- Pile in, Everybody!!!

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Feb 26, 2012
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Okay, we’re gonna nail this vocalisation thing.
We understand that language is a poor instrument to describe colours and sounds. So, let’s use process of elimination. Let’s go nibble by nibble: ‘O k a y – yes, I know that sound!!’
So, if you agree with a claim, be so kind as to post: ‘Yup!’ or ‘Nuh!’

One: chicks peep: ‘Yup’ or ‘Nuh.’

Two: only females ‘boom.’ ‘Yup’ or ‘Nup’?

What is a boom? I ruckon it’s what the bird in this photo is doing, an unmistakeably deep and repetitive sound. (So, all calls that are not ‘archetypal’ – that is, clearly recognised by all players – shall be considered later.)

[Something I am privileged to see is the 'marking of territory' by females during breeding-season. You read that a female's boom can be heard a long way away. Correct!! I did the first round of this research last winter. I was astounded when I realised what was going on, that is, the first time I heard a distant female reply.

My position is: 'booming' is defined by (a) the 'string'of booms, between a dozen and twenty, and (b) the bass of the booms.
Both Felicity and Greedy did it, to two local females (South West Female and North East Female) on different days, while I watched from this distance -- 'booming'!!)

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Re picture
Your Girl just came back from a mad dash with the Boys and now looking for a worm lol but my girls NEVER make noise, suppose the Boys are always right behind them nowhere else to go lol breeding season is starting......back to bed .
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Yea or nay - - - - -
ja or nein

One: chicks peep Yup

Two: only females ‘boom. Nuh

At least here in UK, lol Boys greet me when they see me or anyone else...just trot quietly and only once or twice just a gentle grunt and then sliding passed me for a stroke.
Girls more affectionate and want a Hug.

This could probably be totally different, if there is a crowd of them and not in small captivity.

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