The Winter Sniffles.


7 Years
Jul 10, 2012
The Foothills Of Chickendom
Some of my hens seem to be sneezing more than usual. Winter has just kicked in here and the mornings are quite chilly.

I can't really remember my last Winter so can't remember if they sneezed at all. They seem to be sneezing more in the mornings than in the afternoon ( those are the times I am down in the run ). None of the hens have discharge around the nostrils except one pullet, but she isn't sneezing.

I have just finished battling mites so their coop floor it just a wooden board as I have been scared to put material back down. So the poo was filling up and it wasn't smelling bad just hard to breathe, so this would have helped. Do I need more ventilation?
At the moment my coop allows air in 2 places and In the day I keep the door open to air things out. Would adding another window help?

Do the hens need something to help them get over the sniffles?

I do not have TYLAN 50 where I am.
do you have baytril? that might be good birds are doing the EXACT same thing but I'm treating with tylan50. 1/4 cc in beast once a day. you can try baytril that's also good for respiratory. or you can try a water soluble for respiratory like oxytet. Oxytet is also geared for respiratory. hope this helps and hope they feel better soon.mine are exhibiting those same symptoms and I'm on my second day of Tylan. can't pinpoint exactly which respiratory illness is responsible for this without a blood test but I would treat I wouldn't let it go. good luck to you. best wishes

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