The worry is 3x as much!!


8 Years
Feb 17, 2011
South East TN
My chicks are outside. So far, so good. I used Priority mailing boxes that I got for free from the post office and cut to size inside my rabbit cage. I then packed it full on one end with straw and less thick on the other end so it wouldn't be too close to the brooder light. I put the light inside the cage, its about 9 inches from the bedding (125wt) and then tied it up to the table its clamped to just incase it unclamped itself. I covered the end w/o the light in a heavy curtain I had. So far, they seem REALLY happy in it. Very few laying actually under the light. Most are just hanging out eating and walking around.

But now that I can't hear them or go check 10 times a day I'm worried so much more! lol I hope they do ok. I will continue to check many times tonight up until I go to bed around 2am. They are on our covered, gated, front porch directly outside our bedroom window (I could open the window and touch them) so I hope I don't hear anything trying to mess with them!!! My old cat has poor eye sight and doesn't ever really leave the porch. He get's really attached to birds and hamsters in a loving way. He will just sit outside their cages all day,lol. So far we are seeing the same with the chicks. He's been hanging out beside their cage sleeping all day.
They will be fine if your hamster lives out there just fine, that is funny (hamster on the porch). However, like any new mom, you may not get much sleep for a few days. I prefer to keep mine inside though, in my laundry room or my basement. I keep them for two weeks, until they feather out. Now, just because they have feathers does not make them any safer on the porch, I just sleep better, as they are older. Just silly me. They are as vulnerable at any age on a porch. If your cage is nice and secure, don't worry, maybe the cat will keep things like coons away with just his smell? BTW, I have mine out in a rabbit cage that has a flimsy fence around it and they have been good for 2 weeks. However, if a coyote wants them, they will tear through that hardware cloth easily. I just hope my lab keeps the coyotes out of the yard. Even a really secure coop has risks. Good luck with your new babies. Oh, you can go the baby monitor route, or just keep your window open?

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