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    Jun 22, 2009
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    Henny was given 4 eggs, and after tonight she's down to one.

    #1 disappeared
    #2 I found cracked today (barf!)
    #3 candled infertile
    #4 despite being abandoned for hours today (glad it was warm out!) so she could go sit on her girlfriend's infertile eggs instead (well, there was no nasty broken egg in there!) is still kicking.

    I haven't gotten around to moving her to a corner of the coop yet, and I figured I'd better do that tomorrow if her last eggs has any chance.
    (She's still in our egg-laying nest box which is up 2' on the wall).

    What do I put her in for a nest box?

    Would she be happy just on the floor?

    She's been kicking all the shavings out of the nest box, I think because it's been so warm, but that may have been how the egg(s?) got broken.

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