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    Aug 10, 2013
    I am sure I am not the only one to deal with this issue, I have upwards of 28 layers with several 3-4 month old pullets and 8- 5 week old chicks and two roosters... All the hens go to the coop and dutifully lay their daily gifts in the 12 nesting boxes we have set up, I get from 22-26 eggs a complaints here... except for one lone BO.. she refuses to constantly lay in the coop, she will find a hole, cover or crevasse to lay her gift, I have found her egg in the burn pile, under a marion berry bush, next to a cedar tree, name it, she has tried it.. She tried to go broody under the brush pile but I didn't feel that was a good place for her because of others laying in her nest and predation. She is only about 6.5 months old so still a newbie but what gives, Is it always going to be a search for her egg or will she finally quit being a rebel and conform to the rules the other hens seem to be ok with?
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    How high up are the nests, can she get to them OK?
    Maybe put a nest on the floor for her?
    Is she low hen and maybe is being bullied away from the nests?
    Have you tried keeping them all cooped up for a few days to a week to see if you can 're-home' her to the nests in the coop?

    Just some thoughts that might help.
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    12 nesting boxes, from floor level to 5 feet high, she has laid in the nesting boxes, although a pullet she is one of 20+ newbies and has no problems with where she is in the pecking order. I think she is wanting to lay her own clutch to brood, when she was in the burn pile I left a few of her eggs and sure enough after the fourth one she refused to budge, we tried to move her but she refused so we destroyed that nesting site, I think she is trying to find another, I thought about placing a dog crate out there and see what she does and let her go broody on it then move the whole thing at night... Might attempt it tomorrow and see what she does.... I am always up for a broody but on my terms not hers lol.. She is going to be the one I have to watch I am sure as she will be the one to bring a clutch out of nowhere [​IMG]

    And my coop isn't big enough to lock them all in... that's the next project, its big enough for everyone to find a spot for the night to roost but with two rooster and so many hens ,pullets and chicks it would not be good to leave them for long :)
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    I have had luck moving a broody hen. She stayed put and successfully brooded her eggs. She is a great but experienced mom. This is a young hen who really doesn't know what she is doing so you won't know until you try. One thing I might suggest doing, if you don't want her to actually raise a clutch of chicks, is to pull the real eggs from her and replace them with wood eggs. That way she will satisfy her need to sit on the eggs but won't actually be responsible for raising chicks at such a young age. My friend has a chicken she does that with because all she wants to do is sit on eggs and it is unhealthy after awhile. Good luck!

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