There is a problem in my incubator.


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Sep 17, 2012
Ozark, MO
I have 2 incubators, both full of eggs. 2 eggs in incubator #2 are from a previous hatch that have not hatched yet. I don't know when they are due and I forgot to mark down when I put them in the incubator. One is very active and I think about ready to hatch. The other is stuck to the egg turning rail and I can't get it loose. I think the incubator is starting to smell and all the other eggs I candled 2 nights ago, their 7th day, and none of them smelled at that time. I think it might be the one stuck to the rail and I am wanting suggestions as to what I can to about it.

How do I get a stuck egg off the egg turning rail when I can't get the rail to come off the turning arms?
What about oil? Would dripping oil on the egg and gently wiggling it cause it to loosen?
I hate to lose the baby if it is good but something in there is going bad and it is better to lose one baby than who knows how many if it is a bad egg and explodes over all the other eggs.

What about trying to wrap the egg with wet paper towels and trying to pull it out? Wet paper towels incase it explodes.

I did forget to say that most of the eggs in there are guinea eggs so would be in there longer than the chicken eggs I have in there.
I had a guinea egg explode before.
Now I'm super careful with any that are leaking or stuck to the rails like that. I would carefully remove all the other eggs, and take the turner outside before trying to remove the stuck egg. Put the other back in without the turner while you are working, that will give you a few hours to soak and clean the turner (more if you hand turn as needed).
LOL I was kind of hoping to avoid taking them out of the turner.

Do you think I could put them under a heat lamp until I got the rail cleaned? I hate to have them cooling between taking them out and getting them off the rail and then cooling them again to put them back on the rail. I kind of need them on the rail because I have gotten so used to it doing the turning that the last time I tried to go back to turning them by hand, I forgot to turn them as often as they should have been. We did have some hatching problems.
What kind of incubator? I had assumed a styrofoam "Hovabator" type. If so, get some egg cartons, take off the top, move all the good eggs to cartons, remove the turner with the bad egg, place the cartons into the incubator and replace the top. Now go clean the turner outside, even if it takes a few hours to get it cleaned and back into the incubator, that's ok.
Fantastic idea!! but I got it loose with the paper towel idea. It wasn't bad, it was a dud. I did find the one smelling up the incubator though. I have 2 Little Giants. One with air and one without but I bought 2 egg turners so I would be sure they were being turned properly. Now, when I don't use them, I forget to turn the eggs enough. LOL The good and the evil of the modern world. More gadgets! More gadgets! LOL

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