there is a spider in my tub...should i sic my chick?

i also hate spiders but i do love my birds so i want to know is there any spider to avoid for baby birds?
i let spiders live in my garden...not my tub!
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Nah. Most spider species aren't dangerous at all, and even the really poisonous ones are only a problem if they bite the chicken, which isn't likely to happen while a chick is tearing it apart to eat it. My chooks find and eat black widows sometimes.
Put a couple chicks in there and watch the 'spider soccer' game
We had a little house spider wander in the brooder the other day
One of the less than a week old Barred rock chicks looked at it cranked its little head back and forth then POOF no more spider, it was so cute to watch

Good to know they will eat Black Widows I was wondering about those, we have more than I would like in our backyard!! of coarse one is to many in my book, but I kill a number of them...
That darn spider survived 6 baby chicks! They even saw it! It crawled on their feet and all! I told the birds they had to go if they would not eat spiders! Anyway, i even killed and tried to show it to the girls. Not one taker. This is bad news! On the other hand, my garden should do well!
LOL! Your babies sound like mine. It's like they can't figure out they're supposed to eat anything other than their starter. They did eat a worm when I took them outside so I have hope, but they have no interest in anything else I've given them!

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