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Apr 22, 2011
DH and I have been working on this for several weekends. It's been hard finding rain-free days to work outside. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. We still need to make the egg boxes but I figure we have a couple of months for that. DH really wanted the girls out of the house ASAP so they are spending the night in their new home tonight. I sure hope they stay warm enough. Here are a couple of pix:

The New Palace


Scoping out their new home:

Nice coop that's well laid out and cute birds.

Suggest sand rather than wood chips, easier to clean up (scoops like kitty litter) and cheaper, you can probably get a ton of sand for the cost of 1 bale of chips = more $ for chicks
Thanks everyone! I was thinking of using sand but it's been so chilly and wet here I was afraid they would be cold. Do you find that to be the case with sand? Am I overthinking this and forgetting that they are farm animals and not indoor pets? I love these little critters and just want them comfortable and happy.

I was afraid that my little Ophelia (Barred Rock) needed to be renamed to Hamlet or Romeo:/ I hope I don't have too many more roos or I won't have any left to lay! I'll post pix later of the others to see if anyone can shed some light on what I have. Or, I could just wait for that first crow or egg and dispel all doubt!!
Well, I'm not sure. The roof is designed so that there is a 2" by the width of the coop gap where it meets the coop in front and back. I also bought a vent like they use in houses which I haven't yet installed. Two questions: Where would I put it so it's effective but doesn't make it drafty for them? and it can get pretty cold here (hovers at or below 0F for some period in January) How do I ventilate without letting them freeze?

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