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    I have an incubator and I don't trust the thermometer on it so I bought an extra thermometer to put inside. I received my thermometers today and there is a 1 degree difference in them, now I have no idea which to trust. Anybody solved this issue?[​IMG]
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    It’s called calibrating a thermometer and I highly recommend it. I’ll give you a link to one method, but basically you get a thermometer you can trust, like a medical thermometer that has been pre-calibrated in the temperature range you are looking at and compare them. The easiest way if you have types that can do it, is to put some warm water in a glass and see if they read the same. Note the difference and mentally adjust the temperature whenever you use the thermometer.

    Rebel’s Thermometer Calibration

    I never trust any thermometer until it has been calibrated, especially the ones that come with the incubators. I don’t trust the preset on incubators either if you have that type.
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    No problem-----go any Minnie, miney moe----choose one and set-up your incubator. Hatch a batch of eggs making sure you have your days correct. If the eggs(chicken) start pipping on day 20, a hatching late day 20 anf finishing up on day 21-----You are good and should permanently mark that thermometer. If the eggs start pipping a day early or a day late, them you will know if the thermometer is off around a degree. Then adjust for the next batch/load.
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