Thermometer Hygrometer what kind do you use and where did you get it?


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8 Years
Aug 30, 2011
I am in search of a new Thermometer Hygrometer. I want a digital one with with a probe and I jsut want ot know what others use and which are best and where you bought it from. thanks
The price on that is probally more then most can afford. Walmart accurite is probably the cheapest, no probe make sure you calibrate.
naw no probe but the whole thing sits in the lg incubator and doesnt take up space. got it to check humidity and also wanted to double check the wafer. so after getting it they both so the same temp so guessing they are both right. what ya need a probe for? you have a homemade with no windows?
No, I read about this trick of using one of those kids toys with the liquid inside that you squeeze, shaped like a tube, has little floaties in it? You can put the probe inside and it will help you gauge what temp the eggs are (vs. the air). You can then use it to calibrate the incubator. Sounds like a good idea. BYC'ers, please feel free to debunk this if it's not.

I haven't hatched anything yet...but I'm thinking I better make sure I can get everything right before starting...


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