Thermometer Testing and Temp ?'s


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Mar 2, 2010
I need to test a digital thermometer but I can't emerse the probe in ice water cuz it also reads humidity and I don't want to mess it up.. Is there another test I can use besides the ice water?
I am using a hova bator with fan and I have a question about temp readings. The heating element will kick off at 100 but thermometer will rise to around 101, the element also kicks on at 100 but thermometer continues to drop to about 98.5-99.
That is a glass thermometer setting on top of the turner.
Digital thermo reads a constant 98.2-99, not sure if its accurate till I test it.
I'm just finding impossible to get a steady 100*. Do I need to just keep playing with the thermostat? Thanks!!

Cool! Thanks for the info and the links!
I just bought a digital thermometer / hydrometer with probe, it reads the humidity through the probe.
Anyway I ended up putting a meat thermometer, that I know is accurate, into a vent hole and compared it to the digital and they give the same now I know. Thanks!
I got it from Discription states: "Remote measurement of Humidity and Temperature".
I just emailed them to confirm that humidity is dedected through the probe cuz I noticed that it reads almost the same as a hydrometer I have sitting on a shelf a few feet away from the bator.
Yes, thats it. I haven't done the salt test yet but the thermometer seems to be very accurate.
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