Thermometer trouble!

I had one of those cheapo hygrometer/thermometers from Walmart and it differed from my incubator's thermometer by 5 degrees.

I spent the money ($20) to get the Brinsea Spot Check and it was the best money I've spent since I bought my incubator! Well worth it!!
I have 2 thermometers. One is the accurite therm/hygrometer combo in the bator from walmart. The other one is thermometer only with a wired probe sensor placed inside the water jiggler made by oregon scientific from target. I run the probe through the vent hole and velcro this one to the front of the bator for easy reading when I walk by the bator. Each one costs about $8. Temperature wise, they seem to be accurate which is surprising (I made a comparison to the thermometer brought home from the lab at work which is much more expensive).

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