These 3 wk old chicks are about to make me


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Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
hurl! They are SOOO stinky...I'm not sure why!?

We are cleaning their brooder out ALL OF THE TIME..thinking that it is just that..but it has to be THEM...

My son says; "The military should use these chicks as stink bombs; they'd be cheaper"...

what can we do?? I dont know if it is the breeds? (Have no clue they are a mix..I've had some ppl here say what they think they are..
but its all a guess lol)...or what...

anyone have ANY ideas? suggestions??? Our last set of chicks which were MORE, did NOT stink at all; until they were about 10 wks old..
then it was terrible until we got them out in their coop/run...we have 16 chicks now and they are much so its waking me
up at night now...and as soon as I can, they go outside in their brooder to spend the day...then I bring them back in at night..ugh..
What are you feeding them? What kind of bedding? I have 18 chicks and I've been surprised at how little they stink.
What are you using to line the brooder. I usually put in a layer of cat litter, the one that absorbs urine and ammonia and then a small layer of wood chips on top. I only notice they smell more as they get older when they are almost ready to go out into the coop.
the same as before; pine shavings and paper towel; then we use sweet PDZ w/them...we didnt before...

we use the same as my other chicks; chick medicated starter...
I don't think I would use the PDZ--if you didn't use it before and you were fine and you are having a problem now and that's the only difference--that may be the problem...
How many in what size there airflow in the room?

We have 19, 3wk olds in a pen in the garage. I filled the bottom with sand from our backyard. I barely smell the chickens when we walk in, when I get close to the pen, yes but not real bad. I also keep the windows open during the day for air flow.

Here is our set up.


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yes airflow; yes proper amount of room...

we had NO probs w/the last batch of chicks in the same brooder etc...and we had MORE chicks in that brooder in the same room,
same air flow (actually less cause it was colder out) and same foods/shavings etc..

this time around; we have much more air flow during the day...but that is the ONLY difference...ONLY...

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