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Apr 21, 2016
Phoenix area, AZ
I've got 10 ducks: 5 Rouens, 2 Pekins, 1 Swedish Blue, and 2 Cayugas. We were hoping for a Drake and a Hen, or 2 Hens. But, as both of them are fairly quiet quackers, I had thought that they were both drakes (although it's hard to tell with my Pekin hen making all that noise!). But, I keep looking at them and they are clearly different sizes. That seems like it might be sexual dimorphism like the Pekins. They are about 13 weeks old now. My Rouen drakes just got their adult plumage in, so I'm thinking it may be another month before the Cayugas do the same. But just based on the size I can't tell if I have a boy and a girl, or if one boy is larger than the others.

In this first photo they are about 8 weeks old. Based on size, I think the one on the left is a drake and the other is a hen.

And in this photo they are about 12 weeks old. But they both appear to have the same coloring and a quiet quack, so I'm not sure. (That's our Swedish Blue, Momma Duck, with them). But there's still a noticeable size difference between them.


Mar 22, 2016
Gold Coast, Australia
My personal (extremely limited) experience would suggest size isn't a great indicator. My Cayuga drake is 5 pounds, one of the hens is 6.5, and the other is a very little girl at 4.5. Drakes will get a green head once they get their adult feathers though, so if you can't figure it out any other way you'll be able to see then.

If you've already got Rouen drakes for comparison, voice sexing should be pretty easy, do they sound the same as those drakes? If they quack or honk at all, even quietly, I'd say hen, but it's hard to tell without hearing it.

Hope any of that is useful, good luck!


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May 11, 2016
West Central Wisconsin
I also have cayugas and they are def girls and loud ones at that :). They were quacking around 4 weeks. This is them at 5 weeks. One was always way bigger then the other, so agree size does not matter.


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