They’ve finally arrived!


Nov 30, 2020
At the beginning of the month I ordered 10 Easter Eggers from Hoover’s Hatchery through Tractor Supply. After being on pins and needles about the whole shipping and what to expect, they’ve arrived today!
They are 3 days old and I’m so excited to finally be a chick mama! They were really worn out from their journey, but after some water, food, and cuddling up under the heat they seem to be doing great.

They already have such neat little personalities and I’m already so glad that I decided to move forward with raising some chickens.

My 16 month old son is already so fascinated with watching them. Seeing the wonder in his eyes makes it all that much more worth while.
How does everyone keep track of which chick is who? Or is that just something that comes with time? I read online of one lady who used pipe cleaners. She cut them to size to fit around the ankle and watched to make sure it wasn’t too tight as the chicks grew. Any opinions on if the would work and be safe for the chicks?

And here’s one last photo just because they are so dang cute! This chick by far is the LOUDEST one!


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Congratulations on your new babies! 🥰
You will be able to tell them apart in time. You can also use colored rubber bands made for chicks. They can only be used for a short while, unless you switch them out with a larger size as they grow. I use them to identify my newly hatched chicks.

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