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    Apr 29, 2008
    About 3 weeks ago I mentioend having a Polish hen setting on eggs. She was then joined by a Frizzle Cochin hen and another Polish hen on the milk crate nest, 3 hens crammed into a milk crate. It was pretty funny seeing them setting in that little crate.

    So, this morning I am racing around doing chores. I heard peeping from the pen where the Polish and Frizzles live. I raced in and sure enough, 18 tiny chicks peeking out from under the bodies of 3 broody hens! The Polish hens are very good momma's as is the Frizzle. All are first timers but are keeping the chicks together and warm. I tipped the crate on it'sside and put down a small waterer and food tray, so theya re all set until I can line the sides of the chain link pen tomorrow morning.

    Most of the chicks have feathered feet, but no top notches.
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    Sep 11, 2010
    Wow 18! Congrats, at least they have 3 mommas to take care of them all!

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