They got to eat too


8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
One bantam Polish did not return to roost a few days ago. We have had fox attack but only at night, so it was a mystery to us. The next day, the silkie did not return at dusk. I searched and saw a hawk flying out from under the deck, unusual place for hawk to hang out. So I looked and found the dead silkie. This hawk has been in our air space for a few days.

I decided not to allow unsupervised free ranging. This really cut down on their time but it was better than none. It went OK for two days. The girls stayed close to me, something they used to never do.

Yesterday, I turned away from the flock to put a basket in the garage. As soon as I took two steps, the chickens made a sound that resembled when they were being chased. I turned and saw this hawk completing a dive and on the rise just 10 feet from me. What an awesome sight. It was completely stealthy. I did not get a clear look to see if the hawk had anything in its talons. It was a tense few minutes until ALL of the chickens came out from the safety of the bushes.

The kids were very upset about the new predator, but understood that it was part of nature.
I had a similar thing happen a couple of weeks ago. I was out on the front steps, throwing out some grapes for the birds. I watching them, then all of the sudden, and I mean as fast as I ever seen them move, they shot into the bushes on both sides of the steps. One of them gave an alarm signal, then WHOOOSH they were gone. No sooner then they had disappeared, and I'm thinking 'WhatTheHe!!' I catch movement right out in front of me. I look up to see this BIG hawk coming right at me about 4" off the ground, Then he kinda flared up, and went right up and over the house. The chickens have learned to keep a lookout for hawks. I've seen them run for cover for what looks to be no reason, then see the hawk fly over. I have a fox problem here as well, but this one comes out in the day. Gotta keep an eye on the birds when they are out, because unlike the hawk, the fox will take a half dozen or more at a time.
My research indicates that it was an adult Goshawk, slate blue/gray and white.

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